Avia Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Introducing the Sauvignon Blanc you’ll enjoy drinking all summer long: the 2011 Avia Sauvignon Blanc.

One taste and you’d never guess the country where it comes from: Slovenia. Yes, the small European country bordered by Italy, Austria and Croatia is producing some exciting wines that are now available in the United States.

Avia Sauvignon BlancPronounced ahh-vee-ahh, this wine is grown and produced just over the eastern Italian border in a region called Goriška Brda. It’s an area of low rounded hills (brda means hills in Slovenian), with a Mediterranean climate and a winemaking tradition that is several centuries old.

One look at the colorful label and you’ll see that this is meant to be a fun wine. Easy to drink and with flavors that are more fruit-driven than grassy, the Avia Sauvignon Blanc is a crowd-pleasing wine.

Aromas of citrus and tropical fruit introduce flavors of pineapple, Meyer lemon and white grapefruit, with a hint of lemongrass. The wine is well-balanced and soft in the mouth, with gentle acidity and a clean finish.

Costing less than $10 a bottle, the Avia Sauvignon Blanc is affordable and versatile. It’s a wine you won’t feel guilty about opening on a weeknight; it can be enjoyed with friends, outdoors on a warm day, on its own or with food. Serve the Avia Sauvignon Blanc as an aperitif or with salads, shellfish, white fish or poultry.

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$9, 13% alcohol by volume

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