Bantam + Biddy Brings Pastured Poultry to Ansley

It is probably a good sign when a new restaurant that primarily serves poultry is packed the night before Thanksgiving.

Bantam + Biddy is the latest restaurant from chefs Shaun Doty (Yeah! Burger) and Lance Gummere (The Shed at Glenwood). The fast casual concept located in Ansley Mall celebrates heritage breed chicken – and takes its name from them.

The business lunch and family-friendly eatery features all-natural, pastured poultry and seasonal, organic vegetables.

The menu includes a Snacks + Soup section, salads and sandwiches plus chicken, pork and grass-fed beef entrees. Dishes to try include the Spicy Wings ($8), Rotisserie Chicken Penne Pasta ($12) and the Chicken Salad Banh Mi ($10). Rotisserie chicken is offered in quarter or half portions ($10 or $14), along with a selection of homemade sauces.

Specialty cocktails are described on a large chalkboard next to the counter where you place your order. Soda, beer and wine are also offered.

Bantam + Biddy will begin serving breakfast on December 3rd with a mouthwatering menu that features organic eggs.

Bantam + Biddy, Ansley Mall, 1544 Piedmont Road, Suite 301, Atlanta.
(404) 907-3469

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