Cahors Malbec

What comes to mind when you think of Malbec?

Perhaps a red wine with spicy notes. Or one of the five grapes used in Bordeaux blends. Possibly steak. Maybe Argentina.

How about Cahors?

If you are unfamiliar with this city and region in southwest France, that is about to change.

Cahors is the birthplace of Malbec. Situated along the Lot River, it is a place with an illustrious history, unique soils, picturesque villages – and spectacular wines, as I found out when I was invited there in 2014.

Join me on a journey to the vineyards of Cahors for a look at what makes this Malbec a wine you should know about. You’ll meet a seventh generation winemaker, tour one of the most beautiful villages in France and see how new and old traditions are seamlessly blended.

Your trip begins with this introduction:

Join us on the discovery as Wine Travel More presents
Cahors Malbec: A New Era for the Original Malbec

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Cahors Crash Course Part 1: HistoryCahors map
To say that Cahors Malbec has been the wine of kings, popes and tsars is not an understatement. So why is Cahors Malbec not the go-to wine for celebrations, gourmet meals or tonight’s dinner?

Cahors Crash Course Part 2: Terroir and TerracesLuzech plateau Cahors
Knowing about terraces is the key to understanding the different styles and aging potential of Cahors Malbec.


A Visit to Clos TriguedinaClos Triguedina
When you arrive one of the first things you will likely say is “I would like to taste something.” It is a sentiment that has been expressed there countless times over many centuries.

Chateau de CayxGuide to Cahors Wineries
Here is your go-to guide on Cahors Malbec, featuring standout domaines and châteaux that will make you fall in love with the wine and region.


Saint-Cirq LapopieSnapshots from Saint-Cirq Lapopie
The commune perched on a cliff overlooking the Lot River is classified as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France.”


Cahors Malbec roseCahors Malbec Rosé
With an appreciation for tradition, winemakers in Cahors also seek to modernize Malbec for a new generation of wine lovers. Today the new trend is to produce a rosé of Malbec.

Argentina MalbecThe South America Connection
How did Malbec go from its birthplace of Cahors to being the national red wine grape of Argentina? Its success is the combination of several factors.


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Originally posted on The Amateur Gastronomer in January 2015