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A Cool Way to Chill Your Wine

Forget the traditional boring ice bucket for keeping your wine cool.  Instead, design your own!

Introducing the Nice Ice Cooler, an eye-catching way to keep a bottle of wine, Champagne or vodka chilled.  All you need is water, a freezer and some creativity.

The Nice Ice Cooler is an ice bucket mold that fits most bottles of wine, water and spirits.  To make a one of a kind ice bucket just fill the mold with water, add in optional ornaments like plastic decorations, fruit or food coloring, then freeze it for approximately 24 hours.  Once out on display the cooler will last for about six hours at 70ºF.

Don’t worry about melting ice getting your table wet.  The Nice Ice Cooler has a stainless steel base that stays on to collect the water.

Your unique ice bucket is sure to add pizazz to any party or give a festive feel to dinner any night of the week.

The Nice Ice Cooler costs $24.95 and is available online at

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Labels for the Home Cook

If you’re looking to add that personalized touch to your homemade goodies, check out these Chef’s Medallions from Felix Doolittle.

chef's medallionsEach personalized medallion features a charming watercolor image created by Massachusetts-based artist Felix Fu.  It’s a simple and elegant way to decorate items you have baked, canned or preserved.

Sending a homemade gift for the holidays?  Place a medallion on it as a perfect finishing touch.  Twenty 1.25″ in diameter self-adhesive labels cost $25.

chef's medallionIf you prefer rectangular labels, Felix Doolittle also makes personalized Baker’s Labels, great for just about anything in your kitchen.  Five 2¾ x 4 self-adhesive labels cost $10.

Once you fall in love with Felix Doolittle’s whimsical watercolors, you’ll be glad to know they come on a variety of paper goods, stationery and labels.  I’m a big fan of the small note cards, which I’ve been using for years.

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Miami Style on the Runway

SoBe chic was on full display Thursday night at Miami Fashion Week.

Sabrina BarnettSabrina BarnettThe evening kicked off on a positive note with the international launch of Sabrina Barnett’s “Empowering Women” collection.  The former supermodel of Haitian, Cuban and Italian descent presented an array of shirts, pants and dresses, all with positive messages of self love.  Models of all ages walked the runway to a mix of upbeat songs, ending with the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love.”

Caribbean showcaseSKANext came a taste of the islands at the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Caribbean Designers Showcase.  Brightly-colored bikinis and light, flowing tops and dresses were the reoccurring theme.

Looks from the SKA fashion line featured ruffled tops and skirts, and a white dress with cloth flowers cascading down from the waist.  Designer Deb E. Barbour closed out the showcase with bright colored gowns and wedding dresses.

ECO Sustainable CollectionECO Sustainable CollectionThe Miami Style Showcase kicked off with the ECO Sustainable Collection, a stunning assortment of dresses created by students from the Design & Architect Senior High School.  Among the highlights were a long dress in neutral colors that had bunches of gathered fabric and a gown with a bodice of exotic feathers.

Francisos QuadrosFinalists in the Emerging Designer competition presented a variety of looks.  I especially liked the bright colors from Romina Heighes’ collection, the silver and striped dresses of Zula Khramov and a gorgeous flowing gown by Francisos Quadros.

A definite crowd-pleaser was the matching mother-daughter line of MamaOm Organics.  You couldn’t help but smile when seeing the little girls dressed in cute bathing suits and dresses beam as they walked down the runway.

MamaOmNicolas FelizolaThe Miami Style Showcase ended with the elaborate fashions of designer Nicolas Felizola.  Using bright colors and a variety of materials, Felizola created beautiful dresses that accentuated and complemented the female form.

Chef Elgin WoodmanChef Elgin Woodman of A Joy Wallace Catering paired the fashion with three dishes at the International Culinary Arts Pavillion.  The braised short rib served on a manchego flatbread was tender and well-spiced.  In a twist on “fish and chips,” quinoa crusted snapper had a great crunchy outside and yucca sticks were great with a sour orange mojo.  Savory and salty were balanced out with a sweet finish of rich and creamy dulce de leche panna cotta.

Photos by Gemetti Stefano/Model Work Style Press —
Except for photos of dress by Francisos Quadros, feather dress by student designers and food by Chef Elgin Woodman.

Accessorizing at Miami Fashion Week

Miami Fashion Week has come to a close, ending seven days of shows, shopping and parties.  The collections of the local and international designers reflected the glamor and diversity of Miami, with many designers drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrant colors and culture.

No outfit is complete without accessories; a stroll through the jewelry and accessories marketplace completed the fashion week experience.  From the simple to the sophisticated, to the over the top and flashy, there was something for everyone.

Cleo and Cat ringsOne trend with the jewelry was the bigger, the better.  Oversized rings and pendants by Cleo & Cat caught my eye right away.  South Florida-based sisters Claudia and Catalina mold the chunky and funky designs by hand.  The rings and pendants are surprisingly light-weight, made from polymer clay that’s painted and decorated with semi-precious stones.  Cleo & Cat’s rings and pendants may not be the best jewelry choice if you’re shy; these pieces will definitely get you noticed in a crowd.

AmaloaAnother trend was the use of rare and unusual materials to create jewelry.  Venezuelan designer Amaloa Bonvecchio showcased some truly wild pieces that are made with reptile skins, feathers, bones, tusks and horns.  The materials are strung together with leather, creating elaborate works of art.  Wear one of her pieces and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Other jewelry designers drew their inspiration from nature.  The pieces by Maleku are influenced by the colors of Costa Rica’s rainforest.  Inspired by her native country and its people, artist Ileana Maria Rojas-Bennett donates a portion of her sales to the Maleku people in northern Costa Rica.  The Amazon forest is the inspiration — and provides the materials — for Amazon Fashion Seeds.  The jewelry is made with seeds, bark, leaves and gems from the Amazon forest.

SikaraOne of my favorite collections in the fashion week jewelry & accessories marketplace was by Sikara.  Founder Mousumi Shaw draws on her Indian heritage to create what she calls “Modern Fusion Jewelry,” a mix of the culture and history of countries she’s visited.  Her sophisticated and still affordable designs appeal to a variety of tastes.  I liked her colorful gemstone rings so much I bought one for myself!

LaLucca Art BagsBold and bright are the best terms to describe the handbags at the jewelry & accessories marketplace.  My favorite bags were the colorful clutches from LaLucca.  Appropriately named “Art Bags,” each clutch is painted by artist Aleksandar Kirilov, creating a one of a kind design.  The clutches start at $450.

iCool bagsA less expensive but still bright alternative are the bags from iCool.  These super light bags are made from recycled bamboo fibers that are printed and laminated with the designs.  The totes and shoulder bags cost around $30.  If you like the designs they also come on wallets, pens, and card carrying cases.