Cognac: Region, City, Spirit, Passion

It started in April, with an article about Cognac. Now I’m back from the city that gave the French spirit its name, following a trip organized by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac.

Cognac is so much more than just a drink — and in the articles and videos below you’ll see why. Join me for a look inside some of the top Cognac houses, learn about the distillation process, see how oak barrels are made for aging the eau de vie and discover just how versatile Cognac can be.

Robin Alix Austin

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Articles and Videos:

From Grape to Glass: How Cognac is Made
Years of work go into each glass of Cognac. From the harvest of grapes and the double distillation, to blending and aging, learn how Cognac is produced.

Cognac Cocktails
If you only drink Cognac neat, you are missing out. Cognac is an extremely versatile spirit, mixing well with juice, soda and more. Read on for Cognac cocktail recipes.

A Visit to Hennessy
Hennessy is the largest Cognac producer in the region. A tour begins with a boat ride along the Charente, followed by a look inside the cellar where rare and old Cognacs are stored.

ABK6: Cognac for a New Generation
With its eye-catching labels, an unusual name and the recent debut of a blend meant to be sipped on the rocks, ABK6 isn’t your grandfather’s Cognac.

Pineau des CharentesPineau des Charentes: Aperitif of Cognac
Another way to enjoy Cognac is to sip Pineau des Charentes, a sweet fortified wine made from blending Cognac and grape juice. It is served chilled, most often as an aperitif.

Chateau de BeaulonA Visit to Château de Beaulon
Surrounded by stunning vineyards and gardens, Château de Beaulon produces Cognac and Pineau des Charentes in the Charente-Maritime department in France.

oak barrelsHow Oak Barrels are Made
Oak barrels play an important role in the production of wine and eau de vie. Go inside Vicard Cooperage in Cognac, France for a look at how barrels are made.

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