Dining Atlanta: Week of January 23, 2012

By Eric Harvison

Dining Atlanta spotlights what is opening and closing around the city. Check in at the beginning of each week to find out what is changing in your neighborhood.

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The YACHT AND POLO CLUB private event venue which was for many years ANTHONY’S restaurant has closed after a scant six months. I can only surmise there is insufficient yacht parking along Piedmont Road.

MF SUSHI partner Chris Kinjo tells the AJC’s John Kessler that as part of their ongoing “reorganization” they are negotiating with the Terminus building management to return a portion of the restaurant space. Brothers Kinjo are also reportedly bringing in a new business partner.

East Point

SHACK ON MAIN (paradoxically located on East Point Street) barbeque restaurant has closed.


Temporary signage indicates that SENOR PATRON MEXICAN RESTAURANT will open in the former FUNE SUSHI BAR space at 860 Peachtree Road.

Jonathan St. Hilaire’s BAKESHOP closed last week. As discussed last November, the space will ultimately reopen (second quarter of 2012) as a Mexican restaurant, LIME FRESH MEXICAN GRILL.


Eric Harvison’s Dining Notes began a few years ago as a sporadic e-mail exchange with a friend, sharing restaurant openings and trying to satisfy that vague urge to dine “somewhere new.” That friend started forwarding Eric’s messages to some of her friends, several of them food industry professionals. They in turn began passing along bits of restaurant news and gossip that they would come across. These exchanges became more frequent and took on a viral life of their own that has evolved into what you read today.

Aside from the occasional editorial comment, Eric won’t attempt to review these restaurants. There’s plenty of others better qualified, with much more refined palates — probably you. Rather, this is an attempt to help you keep up with the constantly changing Atlanta dining scene, for better or worse.

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