Labels for the Home Cook

If you’re looking to add that personalized touch to your homemade goodies, check out these Chef’s Medallions from Felix Doolittle.

chef's medallionsEach personalized medallion features a charming watercolor image created by Massachusetts-based artist Felix Fu.  It’s a simple and elegant way to decorate items you have baked, canned or preserved.

Sending a homemade gift for the holidays?  Place a medallion on it as a perfect finishing touch.  Twenty 1.25″ in diameter self-adhesive labels cost $25.

chef's medallionIf you prefer rectangular labels, Felix Doolittle also makes personalized Baker’s Labels, great for just about anything in your kitchen.  Five 2¾ x 4 self-adhesive labels cost $10.

Once you fall in love with Felix Doolittle’s whimsical watercolors, you’ll be glad to know they come on a variety of paper goods, stationery and labels.  I’m a big fan of the small note cards, which I’ve been using for years.

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